More than a city, Tokyo is a large megalopolis and as such, is witness to a wide rangeof stories which have as protagonists to any of its more than 36 million people, if we speak of greater Tokyo.

Many of these stories do not count ever, but cinema, somehow, has tried to capture some of them, using as background this vast city and anonymity that gives to its characters, which is also being one of my favourite places in the world.

For this reason, I’d like to do a small journey through the capital of Japan in 3 films of Popcorn Time.The choice is personal and any of course, have their own, although I tried to, at least,see something of the real Tokyo or Tokyo affect the lives of its inhabitants. As you cansee, not I have focused only on Japanese films, not wanting to leave out certainmovies that I love.

Tokyo story (1953)

The masterpiece of Ozu tells the story of an elderly couple who visit their children wholive in Tokyo. The big city is little, since we only see a bit of the Imperial Palace andGinza on a bus ride. However, the effect of the big city is noted in the children of themarriage, which are always hastily and without time to devote to their parents.Something that anyone who lives in a big city and have family in rural areas or smalltowns will be found in your own skin.

Tokyo Monogatari

Godzilla (1954)

Now that there is a new version premiered in 2014, he could not talk about Godzilla or Gojira in Japanese. Godzilla is the forerunner of monsters or kaiju eiga films. IshiroHonda and the Toho made a film that has remained in the collective imaginationcausing nightmares for many Japanese for many years. And it is that awesomemonster that emerges from the deep sea is an icon in its own right. Its nuclear originsand its history make this movie much more than a simple tale of monsters anddestruction.

gojira dieta

Perhaps seeing her eyes today consider their special effects have aged badly - in fact,they have aged fatal - but we are talking about a film of 1954 and the impressive work of miniatures in Godzilla attacked Tokyo to me continues to impress me. If you know Tokyo, surely you will recognize the silhouette of the diet, Japan’s Parliament, when Godzilla reduced it to rubble.

Akira (1988) ( it’s available to watch series online on the internet)

Perhaps more than in Tokyo, in this case we speak of Neo-Tokyo, the city built on the ruins of the old Tokyo, devastated in the third world war. Interestingly, in neo-Tokyo will take place the Olympic Games in 2020, almost as in reality. This film by OtomoKatsuhiro, based on her own manga, anime was a runaway hit in the world. Aesthetics,technology, dystopia and a story of friends fighting against a Government that wants to take advantage of the powers of the protagonist captivated audiences of half the world.

Akira Neo Tokyo
It is true that this Neo-Tokyo is not an invention, but if we extrapolate the currentTokyo, under the prism of alienation and Government control of almost everythingyou can imagine, we get something similar to what is shown in Akira.

Albuquerque dentist announces a new location to better serve patients


Albuquerque, New Mexico, Albuquerque dentist Greg McAllister, DDS, JD, has a new dental clinic where patients can ask family and cosmetic dentistry care: 5910 Cubero Dr NE, Suite B Albuquerque. Located in offices Cubero, the new home of Dr. McAllister is a comfortable and modern for your dental practice. Watch youtube video to know more.

“My goal is to provide the dental experience more comfortable for patients, and my team and I designed the office with patients in mind”, says Dr. McAllister, a cosmetic dentist Albuquerque. I hope “current and new patients will enjoy the new page, since we like to provide dental care to this”. 

Visit the web site of Dr. McAllister to http://gregmcallisterdds [dot] com and click “our office”. In addition to the information about office hours, and dental plans accepted, you can also get door to door driving directions with the Dr. McAllister, Albuquerque, New Mexico, the practice of the dentist. 

In addition to a new office, Dr. McAllister offers the ultimate in dental treatments, especially in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. McAllister pursues specialized training in Chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics (CEREC) dentistry. East procedure Albuquerque CEREC dentistry Dr. McAllister allows to provide the dental restoration in one visit to your new office. Examples include crowns, inlays, veneers and fillings. CEREC technology, Dr. McAllister is able to design a long lasting ceramic restoration in less than an hour. Dr. McAllister can also design dental implants Albuquerque, which are a permanent implantable alternative to dental bridges. 

A native of Maryland, Dr. McAllister holds a degree in biology from Western Maryland College and his doctorate in surgery Dental of Baltimore College of surgery Dental, Faculty of dentistry. He also holds a Juris Doctor (JD) from the Faculty of law of the University of Baltimore. He has lived in New Mexico since 1993, when he began working for the clinic of Presbyterian medical services of Torreon. Dr. McAllister took charge of the private practice of Dr. John Eilar in 1997. He continues looking for continuing education opportunities, including the completion of the curriculum CEREC prosthesis and is visiting Professor launches education and CEREC Mentor. 

To make an appointment to see Dr. McAllister in his new office, visit their website and make click on “Request appointment”. From this page, you may request a specific date, the day of the week or the time that you want to see Dr. McAllister and include any comments about the conditions that you would like during your appointment. 

“”We encourage patients to leave and see our new office,”says Dr. McAllister, Albuquerque cosmetic dentist”. We are proud to offer the best care and the best position they now have to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.” 

For more information about Dr. McAllister, Albuquerque dentist, visit http://www.gregmcallisterdds [dot] com or call (505) 243-7655 to speak with a member of the nursing staff Dr. McAllister. 

About Greg McAllister, DDS: Dr. Greg McAllister is a native of Maryland and is a graduate of the University of Baltimore’s surgery Dental of School Dental of the University of Maryland at Baltimore in 1989. Dr. McAllister offers a range of services including, but not limited to, dental implants, crowns, dentures and CEREC. In 1993, Dr. McAllister moved to New Mexico, where he worked for physicians Presbiteriana de Torreon Clinic services provide rural primary dental care. After partnering with the Albuquerque prosthetist Dr. Steve Wagner, took over from retiring dentist general Dr. John Eilar. Dr. McAllister continues his training with Mercer Advisors, education launches and CEREC doctors all in dentistry Scottsdale centre managed to stay current and cutting edge of modern dentistry. There, he was one of the first to complete the curriculum CEREC and returns both as a student and mentor. 

Contact for the media: 
Dr. Greg McAllister, DDS 
contactusus @ gregmcallisterdds [dot] com 
5910 cubero Dr NE, Suite B 
Albuquerque, NM 87109 
(505) 243-7655 
http://www.gregmcallisterdds [dot] com

Gray decoration for your home inspired by 50 Shades of Grey


Decoración gris para tu hogar inspirada en 50 Sombras de Grey

We decided to suggest some great ideas of how use the grey color for your modern home decor. It is one of the trend colours today.

You can keep the warm grey, with yellow and Brown nuances, or colder with roses and blue mixed. Go monochromatic and cover all your space in grey tones, or choose one piece gray introduced the neutral. So there are many options available so enjoy this old color with fresh eyes and new ideas. Enjoy this collection of photographs of for your home.

Decoración gris para tu hogar inspirada en 50 Sombras de Grey

Do you think of these images with gray decor? Does not seem very harmonious volume? The gray color is very popular as wall color in recent years. When mixed with cream, blue, a little red and a few beautiful blinds, this set of colors creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

Decoración gris para tu hogar inspirada en 50 Sombras de Grey

This House is a mixture of the mid-20th century and parts Scandinavian and European as well as a few important details of the 1970s and together provide a contemporary living room.

Decoración gris para tu hogar inspirada en 50 Sombras de Grey Decoración gris para tu hogar inspirada en 50 Sombras de Grey

This decoration was created by Ilse Crawford in Ett Hem hotel in Stockholm and mixes serious pieces with a modern twist and ahun room is comfortable with the strongest gray.


Decoración gris para tu hogar inspirada en 50 Sombras de Grey


Decoración gris para tu hogar inspirada en 50 Sombras de Grey


Decoración gris para tu hogar inspirada en 50 Sombras de Grey


For decoration kids love a brand that is at the beginning, is called circuit. What do you think?

Decoración gris para tu hogar inspirada en 50 Sombras de Grey

Grey is definitely one of the hottest colors at this time. It is available in a number of different colors, gray is a color for use by designers, and everyone in your household. It is a contemporary and stylish minimalist interiors trend. This type of rocks with warm colors have much popularity and no doubt that gray is in the focus. It is a perfect color to make room for other colors shine, it is sophisticated, elegant and contemporary.


10 keys to success for estate agents


The real estate market has new challenges. Gone was the vision of selling houses “while I find something better.” Today the Mexican market has its own rules, in which the estate can not be improvised, but a change agent constantly updated.

“With the proposed law reforms in Mexico, will work only trained and qualified people,” said Ignacio Castillo, and property management expert training in Spain.

As part of his presentation “Secrets of the Top Producers in Spain and Latin America, how they think and work best “, the renowned Spanish advisor stressed the importance of strengthening lasting relationships with customers.

Faced with more than one property consultants present in the Great Real Estate Forum 2013, held at Centro Banamex last September 30, Castillo shared his experiences in the field and managed to interest the audience with new paradigms in real estate.

The 10 best practices of Spanish property market

1. The first point addressed Castillo was the need to establish “contracts of confidence” instead of “exclusive contracts”, terms that engage your customer rather than scare.

2. About the profile of a successful real estate consultant, highlighted the following qualities:

  • Optimism.
  • Passion for their work.
  • Ability to fall and rise.
  • Listening.
  • Be consistent.
  • Fighting ability even in bad times.

He noted that in Spain only 20% of agents managed to remain active after the crisis, which means that 80% of them were not prepared to face the new challenges of the sector. Therefore, training is essential.

3. Dare to say no. Castillo explained that the change in the real estate sector in Mexico is on the agents themselves. “Today you can not do business with yesterday’s methods and expect success tomorrow”, adopting techniques that have proved helpful to other agents are crucial to increase sales, particularly in times of crisis.

4. Use social media or videos, not only tarps and blankets to list a property. They are tools that bear fruit without large investments.

5. Sell the area, not the brick. The rapporteur noted that the composition of a photograph of the property should be clear and not be full of elements that hinder the image of real estate agents.

6. Another tool weight is to use specialized software to track and proper management of customers, market known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

7. Do not act like hall seller. Castillo said the future of the real estate industry professionals fearless implies that offer more than just customer orientation. “Do not be living vendor, customer searches by land, sea and air,” and avoids leaving the phone off the hook.

8. Castillo stressed the need to view the sales in time and not filled with unsaleable inventory.

9.  Read The Catcher in the Rye PDF. The Catcher in the Rye is a novel but it has many interesting lessons to learn. Download The PDF version here: The Catcher in the Rye PDF.

10. Castillo recommended focusing on the person and not the property to sell, while observing an excellent presentation at all times.

The expert concluded his lecture by stating that “good advisers are not afraid”, after insisting that real estate agents should recognize its value and talk to clear the undecided customer, exemplified with a little recurring phrase: “Do you want to sell the house or make it the sale? “.

He added that a good professional in the business must apply their full fees as well know face the kind of market does not listen and do not want to pay it right. Also emphasized six key tools for success.

  1. Continuous training and specialization.
  2. Daily positive visualization.
  3. Two hours of daily prospecting.
  4. Have at least 10 presentations of uptake.
  5. An afternoon of interviews criticism, ie explain to the property owner pros and cons to sell better.
  6. Listen to your customers, “do not be a secret agent”, which means constant interaction with other agents with the idea of ​​establishing synergies of mutual aid.

how to rent a house without having a payroll


the rent has been gaining popularity over time. spanish slowly changing mentality and we are not as supporters of buying and renting are something more. is true that the change has been a little forced by economic cost of buying a property and change its own mentality surrounding countries, thanks to which we spaniards betting more every day by the system rental

obviously, renting has its advantages and disadvantages known worldwide.therefore, we want to emphasize something more practical as it is trying to explain if you can access the rental of a dwelling without a Small Business payroll services
certifying our income and our economic capacity

the first thing you should know is that to rent a property no payroll is legally required or amount thereof. however, many homeowners consider requiring that may serve as sufficient guarantee

in many cases, despite having a payroll, the landlord can not accept the tenant if you think your income is not high enough to afford to pay the monthly rent

it is advisable for the tenant to analyze their economic capacity and know how much to get to pay rent

but what is the solution if the landlord asks us a list and we do not have?basically we can offer other guarantees as can be: bank guarantee (shows we have economic capacity), personal guarantee of a family member or close person, etc.

have a payroll is no guarantee that the bank granted a mortgage. also ensures access to a rented apartment or allow in all cases financing products that can be paid in installments. but it is certainly not having an obstacle to benefit from all these services

in short,  is not by mandatory to have a payroll to qualify for a rental, but not have it we will hinder the access to certain services

The Cal. Small guide of lime in building


Relegated Lime is one of the most claimed from bio for its great advantages compared to Portland cement materials.

Until the industrial revolution and the discovery of cement in 1824 in Portland, England, lime has been the main binder construction mortars, coatings and paints.

It is responsible for the soundness of the ancient and medieval buildings and has participated in prestigious works as the frescoes and stucco decorate.
The builders then applied limes available in quarries and lime kilns closer.
That is, the quality of the rediscovered limes varies rock extraction, because of the limestone, the purest come limes more fats, ie, air and limestone more clay, because richer in silica (loam) were from lean lime is said hydraulic.
resulted denominations number for lime, typical places of origin.
Due to the limited portability, builders applied the local material but knew a wide range of tricks to correct the effects of each of the limes found for bring to their mortars qualities required in each application, such as control of speed in hardening, hardness and waterproofing grade.
From this we conclude that all kinds of lime lived from all time.
I say this because in Today we tend to value at the first traditional and mythical class purest limes; while disqualify as second impure limes with hydraulic properties as these are not mentioned in the literature before about two centuries past.
The choice of our limes heritage restoration and new construction today should follow a more technical aspects and less doctrinaire.

Cales available
20% of the land surface is covered with limestone.
Depending on the type of limestone used, cooking allows the manufacture of various types of lime:

  1. Air lime, from a pure limestone
  2. Dolomitic lime, limestone from rich in magnesium carbonate
  3. The natural hydraulic lime, from a loam (clayey limestone).

Air lime
Air Calcination occurs Cal by cooking pure limestone (calcium carbonate or bột đá) about 900 degrees and is accompanied by a loss of 45% by weight, corresponding to the loss of carbon dioxide.
After the extinction quicklime (calcium oxide), resulting from cooking, suitable for application in building (calcium hydroxide) is obtained slaked lime. By producing much heat, the extinction process is done at the factory or by trained personnel.
The water added in the preparation of lime-based mortar and sand, makes the start of carbonization, a slow reaction requiring several months the presence of water and carbon dioxide from the air at once. Once the water had evaporated, the following calcination with water vapor present in the air that has an affinity for carbon dioxide (carbonic acid form). The calcination then feeds this carbonic acid gas in this.

Dolomitic lime
dolomitic limestone In the carbon is associated with the calcium magnesium carbonate.
After firing at temperatures below 900 degrees is obtained an air lime.

Natural hydraulic lime
are rare pure limestone. Almost always appear mixed with clay, rich in chemical elements such as iron and especially aluminum and silica which comes natural hydraulic lime. Between 800 and 1,500 degrees (usually about 900 degrees), calcium limestone combined with those forming silicates, aluminates and calcium aluminate ferro-elements.
On contact with water these bodies want to form insoluble carbohydrates which give the binder a hydraulic character.
On contact with moist air, lime and hydrates thus formed char with carbon dioxide from the air. This reaction lasts several months and is the aerial part of the process.
The scientists of the nineteenth century attempted to classify the hydraulic limes according to their level of rainfall, depending on their clay content (between 5 and 30%).
At present hydraulic limes are produced low and high water resistance forming 3 classes of which the most frequent are the NHL 5 (the strongest among natural hydraulic limes, with a minimum compressive strength 28 days = 5 MPa class and clay content Limestone from 15-20%) and NHL 3.5 (minimum compressive strength 28 days = 3.5 MPa, clay content of the limestone from = 8-15%) and less frequent class 2nd class NHL with a very low clay content and end in little higher than that of an air lime compressive strength.
The Limes rainfall somewhat higher than that of natural hydraulic limes are called Artificial Hydraulic Limes (hydrated lime) because they contain added substances before or after cooking, such as, among others:

  • Clinker, are hydrated silicates and aluminates, being cooked above the sintering (1500 degrees).
  • Naturally occurring pozzolans (volcanic) or artificial well (mixture of silica, alumina and ferric oxide).
  • Fly ash, which come from burning oil.
  • Steel slag.
  • Filleres limestone.

Artificial hydraulic limes
Speaking of artificial hydraulic limes and enter the world of “natural” (cooked under the sintering cement) cements as their constituent elements are the same.

Portland cement is the result of cooking of these elements with much higher (up to sintering) temperature. Thus a binder for rigid and high resistance to compression due to a mortar hardening process and equivalent to only hydraulic loss bioclimatic qualities, good workability and water retention and good appearance is obtained compared to a lime mortar.
Besides being incompatible with all kinds of materials that make restoring heritage buildings, cement mortars, besides use case for the foundation, are absolutely unnecessary to erect a building or multi-family housing with few plants.

The Cal depending on application
• Mortars for foundations and settlements of natural stone blocks Factory
. The air lime provides most workability and flexibility due to greater finesse against natural hydraulic lime
But it is preferable hydraulic lime since apart from good has greater flexibility workability and compressive strength and a higher initial resistance, with the advantage of the rapid advance with time and money saving work.
Moreover transfers moisture tolerant and minerals.
Thanks to the higher initial hardening hydraulic lime naturally allows the builder working on the outside year round, even in the winter months, provided protection against heat, ice and rain water during the first 72 hours of cure is provided.

• Construction of natural pools and ponds (storage of rainwater, etc.):
Natural hydraulic lime (NHL 5) as it is more waterproof, more resistant to compression, more resistant to mineral salts and capable of curing even under water without the presence of air.

• Exterior and interior Coatings
. The mortars for exterior cladding in any case would be based on natural hydraulic lime, since it has the greater strength, greater impermeability and better resistance to environmental stress and maritime influences
could innerliners be composed of a base coat of natural hydraulic lime mortar and a fine finish (in one or more layers) based on aerial lime mortar, with or without pigment which in its entirety is a plaster of lime.
The high fineness and maximum workability of air lime, which can be increased further by working with fat lime paste, is necessary for a good final result of the finish.
Its high porosity is responsible for maximum effect compensation water vapors in housing and excellent thermal insulation.

• Grouts and paintings:
To secure an area with poor adherence, could apply one or more layers of air lime slurry or natural hydraulic lime. To fix sandy surfaces is advisable hydraulic lime.
To increase the adhesion of a stand just before coating gives more effect air lime slurry, the more fat as possible.
The paintings would be based on aerial lime (color plus white) preferably fat lime paste, diluted with water and if anything capable pigments mixed with lime. The lime putty, paint, must be made ​​of the upper layers (with no fat particles without turning) Lime that has rested under water for a period of months or years.
It is advisable to add to paint a natural stabilizer which enters into reaction with the lime casein such as thus increase in its resistance to the touch.
The humidification of the support and control of the drying of the film of paint is of great importance because lack of water is incompatible with the carbonization of lime.
The scope of lime paints are rather interiors as lime paints are sensitive to climatic variations (ice, sun, wind and humidity). As demand a high degree of maintenance outdoors.

• Fixing tiles, marble (interior and exterior) and pieces of decoration and murals:
Tiles and flooring with natural hydraulic lime as interested strength and high impermeability. For fixing of decorative ceramic tiles or natural stone on vertical surfaces and draw up a mortar with high lime content and optimal grain size, you could apply a mortar based on hydraulic lime (strength and good adherence) and lime paste fat (increase in adhesion). The support, if necessary, could be prepared with a fat lime slurry.

• Stabilize soil with lime:
It can stabilize the soil to manufacture bricks or mud and get increase its mechanical strength and water resistance.
The heavy clay soils (40% or more) are better stabilized with hydrated lime.
The soils very sandy better stabilized with hydraulic lime to gain more strength.
In addition to mix well, to ensure proper curing process, soil mixtures and hydraulic lime should be put into work early, avoiding rapid drying because, if you can not easily lose 50% resistance.
The lime powder can be used to stabilize but has the disadvantage of producing much heat can damage the skin pelirosamente. Because of heat of hydration tends to dry quickly the ground with the risk of dilation.
In general applies stabilizer 5% since less lime almost means means a loss of resistance. Stabilization is not an exact science therefore depends on the technical or constructor is best to test blocks for testing. The purpose of these tests is to find the smallest amount of stabilizer that satisfies the requirements.

Real Estate Internet Marketing. “Who Moved My Selling? “Pardon My Cheese ::::


Then we wonder “Who Moved My Cheese PDF???“, many real estate ignore the value of the internet, just believe that tradition and name will live forever. But the reality is cruel and different, can ignore the Wave, but that will come and we must be prepared.

Being on the beach with my family, I see you look at me, and being in the sea greeting, his back to the OLa, it’s a matter of time, anyway Wave will come.


In the city of Cali, the real estate profession is reluctant to change, this is due to culture and lack of technological knowledge, also affects how they were formed, many are family (closed businesses) that still sends the founder, who only believes in the printed material and not digital.

Do not ignore the Wave, do not ignore the changes, innovation, technology. Up to us to face the changes looking straight ahead, to navigate and take advantage.

After a slow start and many years of continuous development, real estate is beginning to glimpse the enormous opportunities offered by their Internet presence and are already many companies have decided to bet strongly by this powerful customer acquisition channel. Several figures confirm this impression: according to Nielsen / NetRatings, in May this year more than a million people consulted the available supply in the various Spanish real estate portals, doubling the number of registered users only a year before; the cost per click of a sponsored link in search categories related to real estate round, and sometimes exceeds, the not inconsiderable figure of 1 euro, which gives an idea of ​​the enormous competition in the sector; and in recent years.


The implementation of real estate on the Internet has gone through the same classic phases of development of the Web as a whole:


1.Web static:

Use of the network is limited to copy the model showcase of the estate agency or developer itself.Product offerings are exposed in order to reach an audience profile different and complement the communication traditional media: brochures, magazines, radio … The user interaction is negligible: the potential buyer just get more information on the Web that would get watching the window of the agency. Similarly, the company did not receive any information regarding the interests of its customers. The Web is nothing more than a hook whose sole purpose is to achieve a first phone call.Translation into other languages ​​allows small agencies to contact potential overseas customers at lower than previous media advertising cost.


Interactive 2.Web:

Internet can help us to interact with our potential customers and retain existing ones. At this stage most sophisticated users to find what they want by using the internal search engine forms develop. By introducing some simple criteria used to define the type of housing, the preferred area and the money you are willing to pay, interactive web can do a query against a database and filter the results so we show only those that meet these criteria. The interaction is also present in the inclusion of pages able to calculate the repayment of a loan, make a simulation of the expenses attaching to purchase, etc. At the same time, the information presented on the products themselves increases. It is complemented with building specifications, more photos, virtual tour, 3D views, plans, pictures of the progress of the work, information from the environment … This interactive phase is completed with the development of extranets, where registered user services are provided additional. Sometimes, access is exclusive to homebuyers. At this stage we begin to interact with customers “1to1″ (one to one) is when we are really starting to realize the full potential of the Internet as a marketing tool and the flow of information increases both ways, both obtained by the users about the company and the product as the company gets it as a potential customer.


3.Web transactiva:,,,, etc.: large binders of supply and demand have become today’s audience leaders in this sector appear It is large portals able to concentrate a huge audience thanks mainly to the amplitude of the solicitation. In this respect, they differ from belonging to an agency or a promoter real estate portal that their business model is radically different.While the goal of an agency or developer aims to capture a potential customer and profitability expected from the own profit margin derived from the possible sale, these large portals are designed to act as a marketplace, and large boards serve as a contact point between supply and demand, and where profitability is generated from self publishing content (both individuals and other companies) as well as the profitability of screen space as advertising insertion . They are, in contrast to the general horizontal search engines such as MSN Search, Yahoo! or Google, specialized vertical search.

Bearing (bearing) Manufacturer, list of steel ball manufacturer


Bearing is used “parts” that used a wide variety of mechanical and industrial. This product is made up of three major parts, the outer ring, inner ring, in between “ball” or “roller”, and the cage to support this (retainer).

Also from the type, divided into “rolling”, “sliding bearing”, so that you can be classified from each from the shape and specifications to details. Japan Bearing Industrial Association very detailed commentary on page has been posted.

In general, it is to be superior to the load capacity than ball bearing towards the containing roller bearings of “time” is referred to as ball bearings, which accounts for the majority of the market. Bearing, you need ball or roller is keep looking at the number of points that is in contact with the inner ring and the outer ring. In direction by consuming load, radial ball bearings, there is another thrust ball bearings.

Types of bearings (bearings) [Reference]
Rolling bearing Ball bearings (ball bearings) Radial ball bearings
Thrust ball bearing
Roller bearings (roller bearings) Radial roller bearings
Thrust roller bearings
Bearing unit, bearing units
Linear bearing
Plain bearing Spherical plain bearings
Hydrodynamic lubrication (dynamic pressure) Plain metal bearing
Step bearing, tilting pad bearing
Dynamic pressure spiral Group –flops bearing
Hydrodynamic lubrication (static pressure) Static-pressure fluid bearing
Self-lubricating Plastic bearing
Oil-impregnated sintered bearing

Bearings in the world common, there is a tradition that expressed the brand name in the three letters to several characters. For example, if the bearing of NSK NSK, NTN name has also become directly brand name, JTEKT, etc.. In Japan it is a roughly 400 there is a bearing manufacturer of back and forth, but that it has been almost is also referred to as 4 is in the trade and partnership with one of the large bearing manufacturer.

Book reviews on real estate, housing, mortgage and rental investment


There are many books on the topic of real estate and housing. In this section, we present some interesting books and we will give our opinion on their content.

Real estate is a broad topic, it is often difficult to make a brief summary of a topic that fits on one page of a website. That is why we advise you to increase your knowledge by reading some books that address intelligently all aspects of a problem.

Books on investing in real estate and personal finance

There are many books to learn how to invest in housing. Among these, we conducted a presentation and analysis of the book “Allegiant pdf” and the guide for investment in parking “Parking Attitude” .

For managing your personal finances in a more comprehensive way, do not forget to check out the indispensable book “City of heavenly fire” . This is a reference in this field.

The Real-safe guides on funding

The books presented in this section complement our guides ” Take control of your mortgage! ” and ” All aid for your real estate financing . ” Both books are used to completely control their funding and learn how to reduce more than 20% cost!

General works

Some works deal with all types of projects that can be found in real estate. They allow for a ride full horizon in this sector. This, for example, the case of ” real estate for Dummies . ” and ‘captivated by you‘This book also deals with many buying a primary residence, investment, sale, leasing, construction, financing, etc.


A new book is added to the list. It is ‘the alchemist pdf‘. This book is a must have for alchemist to be good at real estate.



Since 1993, we have conducted research on the quality of social housing, focusing on the problem of premature deterioration and rehabilitation and maintenance of housing and its environment. The focus of the study, edilicio performance is to evaluate the construction quality, the different modes of administration, and its effects on the dynamics of the use and conservation of buildings, for the purposes of designing for possible maintenance allowed to remain built the housing and building.

This allows to systematically describe the components of the buildings and their failures relieve specific disciplines, establishing minimum performance criteria to consider in the design, construction, use and maintenance of habitat.

Architectural party that does not provide adequate Blessing4All management modes negatively affects the performance of social housing decreases their living conditions and safety and shortens its life. Also, high fees and salaries budgets for administrative management, to the detriment of investment in preventive and corrective maintenance, are one of the reasons that generate premature deterioration.

The lack of a sustainable relationship between the architectural organization and careful administrative organization against management effectiveness, accentuated by ambiguous performance standards.

Today, the need to reduce maintenance costs required to devote effort to the user, along the life cycle of the building.

Living with my bike: Bike storage solutions in a small house


Some time ago we talked about the possibilities for parking bikes on the street and the locks that allow us to sleep easy.But even with all these tips and safety, may not dare to leave outdoors all night and prefer subírnosla home. If it isfolded, there will be too much trouble or to enter the elevator or the stairs to load. Those that do not fold, with little effort, to get acarrearlas home. The thing is where to leave the bikes once we got on the floor, especially if it is small .

When we are alone, none of our bothers us. But if you share housing with peers or family if we will have to think a little about others and not leave the bike anywhere, where it can block the path or steal space needed for day to day. Not only are we living with other people, but you also have to think that they are living with my bike . Luckily, there are at our disposal solutions that will not only help to hang or support the bike where less occupy, but will that integrates both etética of the house to look like part of the decor or to contribute to give a modern urbanite our air space.


Tricks and gadgets to hang your bike from the wall

Of all the solutions to keep the bike in a small house , which I like ma are those that integrate bikes get home as decorative pieces. One of the best ideas to achieve this goal is to hang the bike from the walls. In many series thirtysomething, such as New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel, we see homes loft whose walls are held pedal bicycles as if they were abstract paintings.

The shelf wood, called The Bike Shelf serves to position the bike against a wall, if the long tube of the frame by its central opening is introduced and it can put books on it , so that not only it will be unsightly, but that will be nice and helpful. The same applies to the other rack that as well as holding the bike with style and this time by holding the seat instead of in the box, can also support other decorative objects . In this section, there are other shelves and hooks that will endure just as well the weight of our bike.


This plastic holder Cycloc called (we see in the previous picture) is worth us to hang the bike from the wall and also left inside gloves, padlocks … We found it in several stores trendy bikes in our cities. A pair of stakes minimalist stand up asto be almost invisible. This other support, which will occupy very little while the bike is not, can be placed either vertically or horizontally.

Hooks for hanging ceiling bike

In garages and storage is not uncommon to have hooks to hang the bike from the ceiling . Inside we can do the same.The fact that the wheels are not touching the ground will be good for easy cleaning of the home and not to interfere in that space or passage area. We will have to take some precautions , like not support drilling in a false ceiling, but do it directly in real roof or in one of the beams, fasteners and anchor well to avoid risks.


Basically, we find two opposite ways to hang the best hybrid bikes for women from the ceiling . One is with the wheels up and over the handlebars and the seat to the support beams. The difference is aesthetics, so the decision is each. Maybe the option to place it inverted makes us think that we could pedal floating without attaching ourselves to the laws of gravity. To me, at least, is fantasy wakes me every time I see a bike ready so, it seems that could fly or roll upside down and upright.

In any case, since the bike hanging from the ceiling is going to be beyond our reach, it is best to purchase a lift hanger , which will have a chain to raise and lower the bike , with a similar mechanism blinds. In addition to uploading up thisSpanish invention inclination to take up less vertical space.


In addition to this many mills longer manufactured and can be purchased, you can do this kind of hooks by hand from recycled materials , including materials of old bikes. For example, a former racing handlebars, drilled to the wall, can be used to support the picture of our new bike. Often these hangers we have been mentioning with links to their descriptions are built to very standard bike frames and ours may not suit them. If so, the option to swing by the hardware store and we are left with a board and hooks, as confeccionárnoslo .

Tips to keep bike at home

We speak, of course, ways to keep your bike at night , not to store it for a future season, since we deal bikes are used daily or several times a week. It may seem difficult to find him the ideal place to pedal our vehicle, but with a little study, I find. It should take into account the space occupied, especially when our apartments are small in size and we need to maximize the site that we have .


Thinking very pragmatic issues such as those mentioned or intended to not stain mud every time you enter and exit, here we offer a few tips on where to leave the bike indoors. Sometimes the option will hide everything, but sometimes we will want it to look and contemplate as they do not consider it a nuisance, but the opposite: part of our style. In the most advanced offices, employees are also allowed access to the bike and often decorating the offices and common rooms by improving parked cycles.

All this gossip might be a good gift to give this Christmas to people who have to ride the bike home. Soon we will offer more suggestions for Christmas gifts for cyclists, so you might want to subscribe to our newsletter and receive them before anyone else. Not only a great gift: a bracket for wall or ceiling bike will also be an interesting purchase for ourselves, if we need. Although maybe you’ve already solved this issue. Tell us where you leave your bike indoors. If you own or purchased any invention let how it works.

Essential items and furniture to buy for your new home newlyweds


Arriving at our new home we have the fact that Nothing! Do not despair, here is a guide for every area you know how to equip.

Reaching a vacant house can be stressful, especially when you do not have ratings basics to prepare some eggs in the morning. Get ready for this moment with this super basic list items tofurnish your first home as a newlywed you have to include in your gift table .

First of all, you need to divide your new home by spaces or rooms. For practical purposes I will talk one bedroom house 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 bathroom and 1 studio, they are basic living harmoniously in a couple areas.

Newly married to empty house


For the bedroom chamber are indispensable to have one bed, a small table in the office night, one lamp table, the changes ropa (bed to wash one mientra use it otro) and space to store tu ropa, ya sea a closet the Ropero.


For the first kitchen is super important to have a box of matches or a lighter and a frying pan.A set of four tall glasses, four medium and probably a couple of wine glasses to celebrate they debut home. Also a set of four large plates, four small and four bowls. At least 5 spoons, 5 forks and 4 knives food plus a cutting knife. Dish soap, a fiber to clean the dishes and clean the kitchen to another. A couple of towels to dry dishes and wipe the kitchen and of course a medium and a small pot. Also purchase furniture polish as seen on tv –  ”dutch glow”.

Newlyweds freshly molted
Newlyweds freshly molted

Dining Room

For your dining room is indispensable one love seat and dining for four to six people. Other accessories and decorations can buy them more time.


For your bathroom, plus all your personal cleaning products be sure to have the space to keep them, not all bathrooms are equipped with space to store and sort things out. Also purchase bathroom cleaners and organizers towel.


The study will be your work area and / or relaxation, make sure you have at least 1 for your desktop computer, chair and bookshelves to accommodate your books, folders and files.

In the bedroom the most important is to have where to sleep
In the bedroom the most important is to have where to sleep
Turn your new house into your new home
Turn your new house into your new home

Remember that gradually will furnish and decorate your new home to make it your new home. Have fun in this new phase of your life, enjoy the process much buy with money you received your gift table and be accommodating everything as you’ll like. What do you think of this guide?

Tips for buying home


For you home you’re looking for either used or new, the following tips can help you make the best decision: 


  • Start by analyzing your purchasing power, that is, to know how much money has to buy including credit that could provide a National Housing Agency or other financial institution.
  • Now find the choices that suit their purchasing and also meet your requirements such as location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the type of home you are looking for (single family, duplex or multi-family, or have no garden and parking , etc.).
  • Contact the sellers of the house that interested him, whether to place them in homes where they are or sales offices.
  • Do not miss all that caught his attention and for no reason make a decision to purchase based on a model or brochure.
  • Talk to the seller and not the additional furniture that could offer as kitchen or closet is left with no doubt, ask about the structural characteristics of housing, type of finishes on floors and walls, if the house has fixed parking , stationary gas tank, tank, etc..
  • Be clear about the total price of the home with features that offer and payment terms, delivery time and exact location of your home within the housing complex and / or building.
  • Make your comparisons, discuss benefits and disadvantages of each option such as a closer but this is more expensive, is cheaper but also is smaller and further away from your work, school, market, hospital or any other service required, etc..
    Also note that if the street where this house that interests no homes to which is giving them another unauthorized use as a business, then the value of the home decreases.


Looking to buy a used home?

If more favors a used home, you need to take into account the following requirements and most common procedures:


  • Check that you have drinking water, electricity, sewage or septic tank and public lighting in operation.
  • The walls must be free of settlements, cracks, leaning, moisture or salt.
  • The floors and ceilings should be free of cracks, warping, moisture or salt.
  • The roof has to be waterproofed.
  • Check that doors and windows present good conditions and operation.
  • With regard to wetlands in bathrooms and kitchen, should be covered with some kind of waterproof material such as tile or cement flat covered with enamel paint.
  • Check hydraulic, sanitary, electrical and gas facilities are in good condition.
  • It is very important that the location of the home is outside the area of ​​high voltage lines, underground ducts, fuel tanks, or other flooded areas represent a risk factor.
  • Verify that the area where the home is located services are provided education, health, trade, supply, security, communications, transportation and recreation.
  • The level of access to housing must be above the level of the sidewalk or flood protection.
  • Check that the title is properly recorded in the Public Registry of Property.
  • Verify that payments of property tax, water, electricity, telephone and maintenance (whether under the condominium property regime) are current as well as and if mortgage payments.

Recommendations for contract signing


  • When fully satisfied, sign the purchase contract – sell only the owner of the dwelling or a duly accredited representative.
  • Consider that the contract may have penalty fees for the buyer or for the owner, if for any reason the purchase did not also fulfill sale of housing.
  • Make sure that the contract of sale remain established payment terms and housing characteristics that are agreed with the owner.
  • The contract should be signed in duplicate with an original owner and you the other.
  • Case you need to make a payment or down payment section, the owner must give a receipt in your name where the concept indicated by such payment.
  • Ensure that any payment made to divide the house or engage, should be part of the total price of the house and be recorded in writing.

Questionnaire for choosing and buying your home

Finally we provide the following questionnaire to help you determine if your decision is correct or if I choose the right home for you, because through their answers will know if it is the perfect match to your needs but also according to their budget for purchase and to maintain.

. 1 – Does the house have water service, electricity, water tank and lighting?
2 -. Would you agree the number of bedrooms the house has?.
3 -. Are they in good condition and work great kitchen , bath and patio service?.
4. – Holds all your furniture perfectly?.
. 5 – Is a quality material that are manufactured floors, walls and ceilings?.
6. – The house has parking?.
7. – The property has natural lighting and ventilation?
8. – The house has the conditions to expand in the future?.
9 -. Would you agree the floor that is?.
10 -.? has surveillance?.
. 11 ​​- How is the area where the property is located is quiet or busy?.
. 12 – How much time and money required to invest to get to work?.
. 13 – What is the price of the house?.
14 -. How much would the housing maintenance?.
15 -. How much discount you will pay monthly to your credit?

Note: If you are moving houses you will need to have a post office change of address to help you with that stuff.

Brands rush out of their smart watches but have yet to convince the public


Multiple submissions for these devices salon at IFA Berlin followed. Samsung, Google and Qualcomm to bet on the ” smartwatch ” a market where Apple and Sony stomp . But users still skeptical about its potential usefulness

Big companies like Samsung, Google and Sony betting on strong smartwatch recently announced the launch of their own models. But smart watches presented at the IFA in Berlin living room , still need to convince the public of its usefulness.
A day after officially submit your device Samsung “Galaxy Gear” , positive comments like ” little gem “, ” great” or ” this is my Christmas ” is happening on Twitter , according to AFP relieved . But criticism abounded . “Very large” , “useless “, ” inelegant design ” were some of them.
Connected to the latest mobile phone from the Korean company by Bluetooth, this watch 74 grams with a 4 inches screen notifies the arrival of a notification email or on social networks , can listen to music, take pictures, and make dictate SMS calls. In short, it’s like a smartphone, but on the wrist.
About the same time , Qualcomm announced that it will begin selling its advanced clock ” Toq ” a wrist-worn device that can play music , take calls and messages. This marks the entrance to the chip manufacturer in consumer electronics and accessories.
Days ago , Google announced the acquisition WIMM Labs , a firm focused on developing software for smart watches . Thus, it could compete with brands like Sony , Casio and Apple , which already stomp in that market.
“A few years ago nobody would have guessed that smartphones have such an important role in our daily life . Smartwatches I think I can become the same way a part of our lifestyle ,” says JK Shin , head of the mobile division of Samsung Electronics, in surveyed by AFP statements .
Shin believes that the two types of devices co-exist and that one will not end with the other.
The agency also noted that several technology groups and made ​​a raid several years in the field of these watches. But there was no demand for them. Although given the number of manufacturers willing to embark on the conquest of this market , they might succeed. Especially if you consider that the markets for smartphones and tablets begin to be saturated .
But connected watches can become an object of our daily lives such as watches ? Annette Zimmermann , an analyst at Gartner , doubts it. ” For now, consumer demand is very weak compared to any other mobile device. Still a niche product and only a very small portion of consumers replace their smartphone for smartwatch in the next five years,” says the AFP .
None of the watches presented so far works as a standalone mobile phone. But ” even to complement a smartphone , take-off in demand will be limited,” Zimmermann added .
According to analyst price and design aspect that the hypothetical model Apple  iWatch Price  is expected to have a decisive importance .
The rates established are relatively bearable , with a likely price of 299 euros for Samsung, almost 200 euros for two waterproof Sony SmartWatch , 180 euros for the latest Casio G- Shock , a pioneer in the sector, and $ 150 for book Pebble , created thanks to funding from the internet .
Bitkom , the German federation of high technology, is more optimistic about the future of these watches. According to a survey (ganar dinero con encuestas), 38 % of Germans are interested in smart watches and 16% are already sure they want to wear one , equivalent to more than 11 million potential buyers at home . They are mainly men under 30 years.
Meanwhile, the consultancy Canalys commitment to selling more than 5 million such watches worldwide in 2014 , compared to 500,000 in 2013 , once Microsoft , Google and especially giants Apple join Samsung, Sony or Motorola, already on the market.
“Smart watches will be the most important new category since the iPad launched the tablet market electronic products ” in 2010, considered this summer Canalys analysts .

Real Estate Sales easier with mobile apps


Realtors and agents are increasingly using mobile devices like the iPad tablet to give sales presentations. These digital presentations present a new and exciting landscape that really has few limits. Features such as GPS enabled mapping local points of interest highlighted. Vivid interactive galleries are full of images and videos to show the abundance of amenities on site.And the unit floor plans and views the unit can be instantly expanded with pinch and zoom technology to bring to life. In short, the features and functionality of the sales is limited only by the imagination and budget constraints.

sales easier with mobile apps

Presentations that are used by real estate brokers and agents are deployed on tablet devices through mobile applications. Mobile applications can accommodate an infinite number of features of any condominium or offering real estate, and may be designed to display information in almost any way the user chooses. Applications are usually built and developed by mobile application developers.

The result of using sales presentations of tablet devices is a linear increase in board in the corridor and agent productivity. Not only by the purchaser soar, but the response time improves runner, and you can instantly send floor plans, price quotes or details of the community directly from the iPad so the information is waiting in the email inbox of potential customers before they get home. Brokers also keep up in real time on the fly with information like inventory availability, price changes and MLS listings from the mobile app marketing made easy with Appsgoneviral can seamlessly integrate with system management agent data.

Let’s not forget that the benefit to the seller, either. A real estate broker or agent may use your application to digitally display a seller how many other houses are for sale in your neighborhood simply by drawing a line around your home on the tablet. Help create realistic expectations about the terms of sale and price points.

In addition to increased productivity is the reliability of the presentation. It just does not matter if there is a connection to the Internet or not the application is typically built and designed for mobile application development company to show the rich and robust features of the sales presentation directly on tablet devices to have it out .

The tendency to sell real estate sales presentations of tablet devices shows no signs of moderation. And why should he? It has the “wow” factor, the possibility of bringing a condo or a house to life before the eyes of a potential customer, and also the possibility of hiring a vendor.When combined with the efficiency of the delivery technology, digital presentations are here to stay.

In deposit service office, the rent one month to move possible / ORIX Real Estate


Recently, service office the company is run “cross-office Uchisaiwaicho” (Minato-ku, Tokyo), “Cross office Shibuya” in (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), and enables the move in deposit of rent one month the Corporation ORIX Real Estate I announced that it would begin offering to the “deposit one month service”.

In both office buildings, usually, you are in charge of security deposit as the 3-6 months’ rent on the lease at the time of the conclusion. In service of this time, the customer provides a deposit of one month, Nippon commercial real estate warranty guarantee against ORIX Real Estate The difference between deposit normal.

Since the office relocation initial cost, which accounts for a large weight in the office relocation expenses can be reduced at the time, the idea of ​​going to promote the residents in this service provided by the company for customers.

“Concern about future” about 80% of home buyers is / Ye Roh three-way project survey


The 24th , Ye Roh three-way project nine housing manufacturers to perform , such as providing information on home purchase jointly presented the results ” survey on home purchase ” .

The study , which to 29.30 June 2013 , targeting men and women of 30-49 years old have experience to buy a home in nine home builders within the past five years across the country , was carried out on the Internet . The number of valid responses 450 .

To the question ” Is there a fear for the future ” , answered ” some very ” is 31.8% , answered ” there is , if anything ” in 44.9% , about 80% of home buyers is to future I found that there is some sort of anxiety . In addition, the ” deflation generation” 30 to 34 years old , when compared by setting the ” bubble generation” 45 to 49 years by age , 42.2% compared replied ” some very ” deflation generation , bubble generation to low and results 30.6% .
The question about the ” purpose built a house ” , ” stability of living life ” is the most at 50.7 percent of the total. “I want to grow freely their children ” ( 35.6% ) , followed by ” rent is too good ” and ( 30.9% ) or less . Especially in deflation generation , 53.0% is “stable of living life ” , next 44.6% it is “I want to grow freely the children ” , ” stability of living life ” ( 45.9% ) , “I want to grow freely the children ” of the bubble generation and (27.1 % compared to ) , it was ” stability-oriented high ” with the results .

When you building a house , for you have created a life plan , was answered ” made ​​a some sort of life plan ” is 68% in total . To result is 71.1 percent deflation generation , bubble generation of 61.2% in generation . Also of respondents and ” create a life plan ” , whereas the 73.3 % in deflation generation , answered ” consulted the FP ” was only 44.3% in the bubble generation . In addition, the question of the ” you want to live with Children ” , while it was 61.4 percent in the deflation generations “I want to live ” and the “I want to children if they want ” , bubble generation was only 55.3% . On the other hand, the question of the ” or built a house even if you did not have children ” , 45.0% compared replied , “I bought a house with or without children ” is deflation generation , bubble generation 25.9 percent was .
These results , deflation generation , on the other hand you have the concept of realism -oriented rock solid , displaying a love for children , and to analyze and tend to see and to buy a house with or without children , and assets a house are .

Hairstyles for Quinceaneras


A Quinceanera celebration is a special time for young women to be the center of attention at the time. To be sure, you need a style that represents you. The perfect dress, shoes and the incredible list of wonderful customers, we will plan the perfect day to put your hair on top. These are the best Hairstyles for Quinceaneras:

Soft curls fluids

This is a great style if you have extra-long layers. The layers are Erula freely about a half-pipe at different winding configurations. Consider this if you have a very elegant and complex dress you want to show, keeping everything simple rest. To reinforce this style, post some loops medium hairstyle.Add a small rhinestone tiara to this style will make any girl look like a princess on her 15th birthday.

Short and sassy

If you have shorter hair, think a lot of volume to your hair. You want the top of the head is large and beautiful. It also considers swept bangs because it can really bring a style to another level. If you’re not ready to cut your own hair pieces, add an insert to the mix. Add gems sporadically throughout the hair will give you a fairytale appearance completely awesome.

Peinado haut

High hair always appears very elegant. It is a manageable hair and stay there overnight. Usually a haute coiffure, there is a strong sweep over the head with a variation of curls. A French twist is entangled in the back between the crown of your head and neck. Your hair should not slip back into his head. Create a small volume can make you look more mature and improve the tone of your face.

Coiffure Messy

Exquisite strands in a new way “sloppy” has always looked amazing for someone who wants to make jaws drop when you enter the room. Careless hairstyle will highlight your beautiful face and show your carefree side. Add a small tiara 2-3 inches from the hairline give a brilliant effect.