Essential items and furniture to buy for your new home newlyweds


Arriving at our new home we have the fact that Nothing! Do not despair, here is a guide for every area you know how to equip.

Reaching a vacant house can be stressful, especially when you do not have ratings basics to prepare some eggs in the morning. Get ready for this moment with this super basic list items tofurnish your first home as a newlywed you have to include in your gift table .

First of all, you need to divide your new home by spaces or rooms. For practical purposes I will talk one bedroom house 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 bathroom and 1 studio, they are basic living harmoniously in a couple areas.

Newly married to empty house


For the bedroom chamber are indispensable to have one bed, a small table in the office night, one lamp table, the changes ropa (bed to wash one mientra use it otro) and space to store tu ropa, ya sea a closet the Ropero.


For the first kitchen is super important to have a box of matches or a lighter and a frying pan.A set of four tall glasses, four medium and probably a couple of wine glasses to celebrate they debut home. Also a set of four large plates, four small and four bowls. At least 5 spoons, 5 forks and 4 knives food plus a cutting knife. Dish soap, a fiber to clean the dishes and clean the kitchen to another. A couple of towels to dry dishes and wipe the kitchen and of course a medium and a small pot. Also purchase furniture polish as seen on tv –  ”dutch glow”.

Newlyweds freshly molted
Newlyweds freshly molted

Dining Room

For your dining room is indispensable one love seat and dining for four to six people. Other accessories and decorations can buy them more time.


For your bathroom, plus all your personal cleaning products be sure to have the space to keep them, not all bathrooms are equipped with space to store and sort things out. Also purchase bathroom cleaners and organizers towel.


The study will be your work area and / or relaxation, make sure you have at least 1 for your desktop computer, chair and bookshelves to accommodate your books, folders and files.

In the bedroom the most important is to have where to sleep
In the bedroom the most important is to have where to sleep
Turn your new house into your new home
Turn your new house into your new home

Remember that gradually will furnish and decorate your new home to make it your new home. Have fun in this new phase of your life, enjoy the process much buy with money you received your gift table and be accommodating everything as you’ll like. What do you think of this guide?

Tips for buying home


For you home you’re looking for either used or new, the following tips can help you make the best decision: 


  • Start by analyzing your purchasing power, that is, to know how much money has to buy including credit that could provide a National Housing Agency or other financial institution.
  • Now find the choices that suit their purchasing and also meet your requirements such as location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the type of home you are looking for (single family, duplex or multi-family, or have no garden and parking , etc.).
  • Contact the sellers of the house that interested him, whether to place them in homes where they are or sales offices.
  • Do not miss all that caught his attention and for no reason make a decision to purchase based on a model or brochure.
  • Talk to the seller and not the additional furniture that could offer as kitchen or closet is left with no doubt, ask about the structural characteristics of housing, type of finishes on floors and walls, if the house has fixed parking , stationary gas tank, tank, etc..
  • Be clear about the total price of the home with features that offer and payment terms, delivery time and exact location of your home within the housing complex and / or building.
  • Make your comparisons, discuss benefits and disadvantages of each option such as a closer but this is more expensive, is cheaper but also is smaller and further away from your work, school, market, hospital or any other service required, etc..
    Also note that if the street where this house that interests no homes to which is giving them another unauthorized use as a business, then the value of the home decreases.


Looking to buy a used home?

If more favors a used home, you need to take into account the following requirements and most common procedures:


  • Check that you have drinking water, electricity, sewage or septic tank and public lighting in operation.
  • The walls must be free of settlements, cracks, leaning, moisture or salt.
  • The floors and ceilings should be free of cracks, warping, moisture or salt.
  • The roof has to be waterproofed.
  • Check that doors and windows present good conditions and operation.
  • With regard to wetlands in bathrooms and kitchen, should be covered with some kind of waterproof material such as tile or cement flat covered with enamel paint.
  • Check hydraulic, sanitary, electrical and gas facilities are in good condition.
  • It is very important that the location of the home is outside the area of ​​high voltage lines, underground ducts, fuel tanks, or other flooded areas represent a risk factor.
  • Verify that the area where the home is located services are provided education, health, trade, supply, security, communications, transportation and recreation.
  • The level of access to housing must be above the level of the sidewalk or flood protection.
  • Check that the title is properly recorded in the Public Registry of Property.
  • Verify that payments of property tax, water, electricity, telephone and maintenance (whether under the condominium property regime) are current as well as and if mortgage payments.

Recommendations for contract signing


  • When fully satisfied, sign the purchase contract – sell only the owner of the dwelling or a duly accredited representative.
  • Consider that the contract may have penalty fees for the buyer or for the owner, if for any reason the purchase did not also fulfill sale of housing.
  • Make sure that the contract of sale remain established payment terms and housing characteristics that are agreed with the owner.
  • The contract should be signed in duplicate with an original owner and you the other.
  • Case you need to make a payment or down payment section, the owner must give a receipt in your name where the concept indicated by such payment.
  • Ensure that any payment made to divide the house or engage, should be part of the total price of the house and be recorded in writing.

Questionnaire for choosing and buying your home

Finally we provide the following questionnaire to help you determine if your decision is correct or if I choose the right home for you, because through their answers will know if it is the perfect match to your needs but also according to their budget for purchase and to maintain.

. 1 – Does the house have water service, electricity, water tank and lighting?
2 -. Would you agree the number of bedrooms the house has?.
3 -. Are they in good condition and work great kitchen , bath and patio service?.
4. – Holds all your furniture perfectly?.
. 5 – Is a quality material that are manufactured floors, walls and ceilings?.
6. – The house has parking?.
7. – The property has natural lighting and ventilation?
8. – The house has the conditions to expand in the future?.
9 -. Would you agree the floor that is?.
10 -.? has surveillance?.
. 11 ​​- How is the area where the property is located is quiet or busy?.
. 12 – How much time and money required to invest to get to work?.
. 13 – What is the price of the house?.
14 -. How much would the housing maintenance?.
15 -. How much discount you will pay monthly to your credit?

Note: If you are moving houses you will need to have a post office change of address to help you with that stuff.

Brands rush out of their smart watches but have yet to convince the public


Multiple submissions for these devices salon at IFA Berlin followed. Samsung, Google and Qualcomm to bet on the ” smartwatch ” a market where Apple and Sony stomp . But users still skeptical about its potential usefulness

Big companies like Samsung, Google and Sony betting on strong smartwatch recently announced the launch of their own models. But smart watches presented at the IFA in Berlin living room , still need to convince the public of its usefulness.
A day after officially submit your device Samsung “Galaxy Gear” , positive comments like ” little gem “, ” great” or ” this is my Christmas ” is happening on Twitter , according to AFP relieved . But criticism abounded . “Very large” , “useless “, ” inelegant design ” were some of them.
Connected to the latest mobile phone from the Korean company by Bluetooth, this watch 74 grams with a 4 inches screen notifies the arrival of a notification email or on social networks , can listen to music, take pictures, and make dictate SMS calls. In short, it’s like a smartphone, but on the wrist.
About the same time , Qualcomm announced that it will begin selling its advanced clock ” Toq ” a wrist-worn device that can play music , take calls and messages. This marks the entrance to the chip manufacturer in consumer electronics and accessories.
Days ago , Google announced the acquisition WIMM Labs , a firm focused on developing software for smart watches . Thus, it could compete with brands like Sony , Casio and Apple , which already stomp in that market.
“A few years ago nobody would have guessed that smartphones have such an important role in our daily life . Smartwatches I think I can become the same way a part of our lifestyle ,” says JK Shin , head of the mobile division of Samsung Electronics, in surveyed by AFP statements .
Shin believes that the two types of devices co-exist and that one will not end with the other.
The agency also noted that several technology groups and made ​​a raid several years in the field of these watches. But there was no demand for them. Although given the number of manufacturers willing to embark on the conquest of this market , they might succeed. Especially if you consider that the markets for smartphones and tablets begin to be saturated .
But connected watches can become an object of our daily lives such as watches ? Annette Zimmermann , an analyst at Gartner , doubts it. ” For now, consumer demand is very weak compared to any other mobile device. Still a niche product and only a very small portion of consumers replace their smartphone for smartwatch in the next five years,” says the AFP .
None of the watches presented so far works as a standalone mobile phone. But ” even to complement a smartphone , take-off in demand will be limited,” Zimmermann added .
According to analyst price and design aspect that the hypothetical model Apple  iWatch Price  is expected to have a decisive importance .
The rates established are relatively bearable , with a likely price of 299 euros for Samsung, almost 200 euros for two waterproof Sony SmartWatch , 180 euros for the latest Casio G- Shock , a pioneer in the sector, and $ 150 for book Pebble , created thanks to funding from the internet .
Bitkom , the German federation of high technology, is more optimistic about the future of these watches. According to a survey (ganar dinero con encuestas), 38 % of Germans are interested in smart watches and 16% are already sure they want to wear one , equivalent to more than 11 million potential buyers at home . They are mainly men under 30 years.
Meanwhile, the consultancy Canalys commitment to selling more than 5 million such watches worldwide in 2014 , compared to 500,000 in 2013 , once Microsoft , Google and especially giants Apple join Samsung, Sony or Motorola, already on the market.
“Smart watches will be the most important new category since the iPad launched the tablet market electronic products ” in 2010, considered this summer Canalys analysts .

Real Estate Sales easier with mobile apps


Realtors and agents are increasingly using mobile devices like the iPad tablet to give sales presentations. These digital presentations present a new and exciting landscape that really has few limits. Features such as GPS enabled mapping local points of interest highlighted. Vivid interactive galleries are full of images and videos to show the abundance of amenities on site.And the unit floor plans and views the unit can be instantly expanded with pinch and zoom technology to bring to life. In short, the features and functionality of the sales is limited only by the imagination and budget constraints.

sales easier with mobile apps

Presentations that are used by real estate brokers and agents are deployed on tablet devices through mobile applications. Mobile applications can accommodate an infinite number of features of any condominium or offering real estate, and may be designed to display information in almost any way the user chooses. Applications are usually built and developed by mobile application developers.

The result of using sales presentations of tablet devices is a linear increase in board in the corridor and agent productivity. Not only by the purchaser soar, but the response time improves runner, and you can instantly send floor plans, price quotes or details of the community directly from the iPad so the information is waiting in the email inbox of potential customers before they get home. Brokers also keep up in real time on the fly with information like inventory availability, price changes and MLS listings from the mobile app marketing made easy with Appsgoneviral can seamlessly integrate with system management agent data.

Let’s not forget that the benefit to the seller, either. A real estate broker or agent may use your application to digitally display a seller how many other houses are for sale in your neighborhood simply by drawing a line around your home on the tablet. Help create realistic expectations about the terms of sale and price points.

In addition to increased productivity is the reliability of the presentation. It just does not matter if there is a connection to the Internet or not the application is typically built and designed for mobile application development company to show the rich and robust features of the sales presentation directly on tablet devices to have it out .

The tendency to sell real estate sales presentations of tablet devices shows no signs of moderation. And why should he? It has the “wow” factor, the possibility of bringing a condo or a house to life before the eyes of a potential customer, and also the possibility of hiring a vendor.When combined with the efficiency of the delivery technology, digital presentations are here to stay.

In deposit service office, the rent one month to move possible / ORIX Real Estate


Recently, service office the company is run “cross-office Uchisaiwaicho” (Minato-ku, Tokyo), “Cross office Shibuya” in (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), and enables the move in deposit of rent one month the Corporation ORIX Real Estate I announced that it would begin offering to the “deposit one month service”.

In both office buildings, usually, you are in charge of security deposit as the 3-6 months’ rent on the lease at the time of the conclusion. In service of this time, the customer provides a deposit of one month, Nippon commercial real estate warranty guarantee against ORIX Real Estate The difference between deposit normal.

Since the office relocation initial cost, which accounts for a large weight in the office relocation expenses can be reduced at the time, the idea of ​​going to promote the residents in this service provided by the company for customers.

“Concern about future” about 80% of home buyers is / Ye Roh three-way project survey


The 24th , Ye Roh three-way project nine housing manufacturers to perform , such as providing information on home purchase jointly presented the results ” survey on home purchase ” .

The study , which to 29.30 June 2013 , targeting men and women of 30-49 years old have experience to buy a home in nine home builders within the past five years across the country , was carried out on the Internet . The number of valid responses 450 .

To the question ” Is there a fear for the future ” , answered ” some very ” is 31.8% , answered ” there is , if anything ” in 44.9% , about 80% of home buyers is to future I found that there is some sort of anxiety . In addition, the ” deflation generation” 30 to 34 years old , when compared by setting the ” bubble generation” 45 to 49 years by age , 42.2% compared replied ” some very ” deflation generation , bubble generation to low and results 30.6% .
The question about the ” purpose built a house ” , ” stability of living life ” is the most at 50.7 percent of the total. “I want to grow freely their children ” ( 35.6% ) , followed by ” rent is too good ” and ( 30.9% ) or less . Especially in deflation generation , 53.0% is “stable of living life ” , next 44.6% it is “I want to grow freely the children ” , ” stability of living life ” ( 45.9% ) , “I want to grow freely the children ” of the bubble generation and (27.1 % compared to ) , it was ” stability-oriented high ” with the results .

When you building a house , for you have created a life plan , was answered ” made ​​a some sort of life plan ” is 68% in total . To result is 71.1 percent deflation generation , bubble generation of 61.2% in generation . Also of respondents and ” create a life plan ” , whereas the 73.3 % in deflation generation , answered ” consulted the FP ” was only 44.3% in the bubble generation . In addition, the question of the ” you want to live with Children ” , while it was 61.4 percent in the deflation generations “I want to live ” and the “I want to children if they want ” , bubble generation was only 55.3% . On the other hand, the question of the ” or built a house even if you did not have children ” , 45.0% compared replied , “I bought a house with or without children ” is deflation generation , bubble generation 25.9 percent was .
These results , deflation generation , on the other hand you have the concept of realism -oriented rock solid , displaying a love for children , and to analyze and tend to see and to buy a house with or without children , and assets a house are .

Hairstyles for Quinceaneras


A Quinceanera celebration is a special time for young women to be the center of attention at the time. To be sure, you need a style that represents you. The perfect dress, shoes and the incredible list of wonderful customers, we will plan the perfect day to put your hair on top. These are the best Hairstyles for Quinceaneras:

Soft curls fluids

This is a great style if you have extra-long layers. The layers are Erula freely about a half-pipe at different winding configurations. Consider this if you have a very elegant and complex dress you want to show, keeping everything simple rest. To reinforce this style, post some loops medium hairstyle.Add a small rhinestone tiara to this style will make any girl look like a princess on her 15th birthday.

Short and sassy

If you have shorter hair, think a lot of volume to your hair. You want the top of the head is large and beautiful. It also considers swept bangs because it can really bring a style to another level. If you’re not ready to cut your own hair pieces, add an insert to the mix. Add gems sporadically throughout the hair will give you a fairytale appearance completely awesome.

Peinado haut

High hair always appears very elegant. It is a manageable hair and stay there overnight. Usually a haute coiffure, there is a strong sweep over the head with a variation of curls. A French twist is entangled in the back between the crown of your head and neck. Your hair should not slip back into his head. Create a small volume can make you look more mature and improve the tone of your face.

Coiffure Messy

Exquisite strands in a new way “sloppy” has always looked amazing for someone who wants to make jaws drop when you enter the room. Careless hairstyle will highlight your beautiful face and show your carefree side. Add a small tiara 2-3 inches from the hairline give a brilliant effect.